DASSEL, Minn., April 24, 2017 — Crest Healthcare Supply is pleased to announce an expansion of its relationship with Ascom, a global healthcare Information and Communication Technology (ICT) provider and its market-leading Ascom Telligence Nurse Call System.

The Ascom Telligence Nurse Call system is now supported by the Elite Digital™ pillow speaker from Crest. The Elite Digital pillow speaker is UL listed, FDA registered and features Crest proprietary AutoSense™ technology, which automatically detects and connects to any healthcare-grade TV and eliminates the need to program the device.

The Elite Digital pillow speaker has superior sound quality, is easy to repair, meets infection control standards and is configured to a facility’s specific requirements.

Information on upgrading to Crest Elite Digital pillow speakers is available from Ascom distributors and Crest Healthcare Supply.

Ascom Telligence Pillow Speakers